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Featured cuckoo clock brands

Hubert Herr

Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clocks

The last manufacturer hand crafting        the  entire clock in it's shop


Hubert Herr Cuckoo Clocks

Family owned and operated for                   generations.

August Schwer

Hekas Cuckoo Clocks

    The premier Black Forest cuckoo                   clock manufacturer

Welcome to OWI --- Importer and wholesaler of fine german cuckoo clocks.

Guten Tag and welcome to www.oldworldcuckoos.com, the #1 wholesale source for Original Black Forest Cuckoo clocks. We proudly announce , that we are now the distributor with the widest variety of brands and cuckoo clock models nationwide. We now stock over 150 different cuckoo clock models made by 3 different clock manufacturers. You also can special order from an additional lineup of over 600 cuckoo clocks.

Schwer cuckoo clock -- chalet

For years OWI has been importing these fine german cuckoo clocks and distribute them to dealers nationwide. We take care of all the hazzles and inconveniences of the importing process, as well as all the warranty issues, so our dealers can concentrate on presenting and selling these clocks to their customers. Shortly we will present all cuckoo clocks using hires pictures and videos in the clock section, so you can actually show them to your potential customers, without having it hanging on your wall.

We will ship within 1 business day directly from our warehouse to you, or drobship directly to your customer.

All our clocks are backed by a 2 year warranty (some premium models by Schwer even 5 years). We also provide replacement parts at factory direct prices. We at OWI will do anything to make your experience of selling our clocks as pleasant as possible. We are very easy to deal with people, we are listening to your needs and try everything possible to accomodate you.

Thank you for looking.
Your OWI team.

Please note, this is a website for dealers only. We are not able to sell to the public. If you see a clock on our site you like, please tell your local clock dealer to get the clock for you.